Limit Switch Box

 Cam adjustment, easy and convenient operation
 Multiple switches are available for option
 With multiple brackets, NAMUR standard
 IP67, Exd, ATEX and other certifications

Top Valve Controller

 Integrated position feedback and control
 High cost performance, safety and reliability
 Easy mounting and multiple functions integrated
 Exd certification on the whole

Mechanical Electric-Pneumatic Positioner

 Free of resonance within the range of 5~200HZ
 Split control within 1/2 range
 Easy switching between positive and negative effects
 Low air consumption and good economy

Smart Positioner

 Positioning precision reaches up to 0.5%F.S
 Automatic setting, automatic diagnosis
 The valve characteristic curve can be performed with configuration and setting
 Low air consumption, low power consumption and low operating cost

Solenoid Valve

 It can be directly mounted on pneumatic actuator
 Various kinds of air connectors for option
 Accurate switching of airflow, rapid and reliable action
 ATEX Exd ll CT6 certification


 Aluminum and stainless steel materials for option
 Stable flow, high filtering precision
 Impurity and water in air can be separated
 Extremely simple in mounting and maintenance

Pneumatic actuator

 Aluminum and stainless steel materials are available for option
 Reliable operation and long service life
 Wide adjustable range and high corrosion resistance
 The product conforms to NAMUR standard

Declutch Override Gear Box

 Pleasing appearance, meet 5211 standard
 Easy for operation, electrostatic coating on the surface
 Manual control the valve under the case of fault
 Connect to valve and pneumatic actuator directly

Pneumatic Accessories

 Explosion-proof cable connector
 Stainless steel air connector
 Other pneumatic accessories

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